• Development of web and cross-platform applications New

    Become a programmer by obtaining 2 degrees getting paid while you study

  • High School dual!!

    Dual High School Certificate Spain-US

  • FP DUAL intensiva a tots els cicles formatius

    Compagina estudis amb feina remunerada

  • Sant Josep Obrer Always/#Moving

    We have a long history. We love education and we will be by your side whenever you need us.


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of the Diocesan Schools of Mallorca

Informació útil

Dates de sol·licituds. On comprar els llibres? ¿I els uniformes? Aquesta informació i més ...

New Technologies

New Technologies

Sant Josep Obrer School

In the classrooms, our students learn with as much innovation as possible. With this and a well-trained faculty we have a surprising mix where everyone learns.



Erasmus before going to University! Awesome.

It allows Vocational Training students to enjoy the experience of doing their internships in a company abroad

Dual Sixth Form

Sant Josep Obrer teaches the DUAL DIPLOMA OF HIGH SCHOOL

SJO Sports Club

SJO Sports Club

Not just any sports club

Keep active and fit, enjoy the benefits of team building and personal improvement through sports in a fun way. Volleyball, basketball, swimming, athletics and gymnastics are waiting for you.



Certificated and no certificated

Our talented students can pursue specific music studies from the official Conservatory with an official government certificate.

International exchanges

International exchanges

Sant Josep Obrer School

A fun way to learn a language? Travelling, of course! Start packing your suitcase because this is going to be the best trip in your life.



SJO has the best heart: your heart

We organise parties and fairs to raise money for our charity projects. Our students can volunteer in a number of charity initiatives (e.g. hospital visits, teaching students in need, etc.) SJO has a good heart and does not want to hide it.



Corpus Christi and Sant Josep Obrer

The best school from kindergarten to university and beyond to the labour market. Our best teachers for a better future.

Traveling to space

A unique and unforgettable experience. Are you? Revive it!


Actuació finançada pel Ministeri d'Educació i Formació Professional en el marc del Programa de Cooperació Territorial vinculat al foment de la Qualitat de la FP

More information

Our location

You will find us in four different locations in Palma. Click here to see a map.


If you cannot find the information you need in this list of FAQ, please get in touch with us here.

Useful information

Dates of requests? Where can we buy the textbooks? How can we find the uniforms? All this information and more.

Management team and headteachers

Meet the persons ultimately responsible for the education if our children and youngsters.


We are truly connected to you. SJO offers our student IT based added value.


Certain subjects in the curriculum are taught in English. Moreover, official language certificates are available for English (Trinity College, Oxford Test of English, Spanish Official Language School), German (Goethe Institut, Spanish Official Language School) and French (DALF DELF).

Welcome to Sant Josep Obrer

Education in the twenty first century is full of challenges. At SJO we take these challenges and  turn them into a life adventure, trying to reach higher goals. We are not perfect, but we are not afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them. The whole point of learning is to get better and better and to believe in what we do.

We do not want this mission to sound like empty words, we need to make them true. The professionalism of our staff, their ongoing training, their commitment with the school are the right ways to make our mission statement a reality. Our calling is to provide excellence through education.

We are not interested in molding our students, adjusting them to predefined prototypes. We cherish their diversity and we aim at helping them make the most of their individuality. 

We are aware there is a long road ahead, but we are ready. We have a solid educational project to base our efforts on and a very strong belief: only with  the right education embracing every dimension of the individual will we make a better society.


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