Dual Sixth Form

Sant Josep Obrer teaches the DUAL DIPLOMA OF HIGH SCHOOL

Sant Josep Obrer VS Academica International Studies

For those students who choose to do so, Sant Josep Obrer offers the possibility to simultaneously achieve the Spanish “Bachillerato” certificate and the US High School Diploma. This option, open to students of both ESO (secondary education) and bachillerato (Sixth Form), has been made possible thanks to an agreement with Academica. This so-called Dual Diploma is not only for students considering to further their studies in the US. The benefits of the programme lie not only in discovering new subjects (such as psychology, criminology or like management skills) but also in developing the following skills:

- Language skills, as English is the official language of the programme

- Digital skills, since students are required to work online

- Personal autonomy skills: students will have to manage their time and resources and decide when to communicate with their two academic tutors, one in the US and one in Sant Josep Obrer

If you need more information, please contact us at dualbat@sjo.es

Sant Josep Obrer VS Academica International Studies
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